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Services and Support

The counselors at Three Points Wellness implement effective psychotherapy methods to foster self-awareness and acceptance among clients and encourage them to adopt new attitudes and feelings towards life situations.


From managing life's daily anxieties, to processing traumatic experiences - our services are personalized to suit your unique, individual needs.

Two Dried Leaves


Individual | Couple | Family

At Three Points Wellness, we believe counseling is a partnership. We approach counseling with a focus on you: the uniqueness of who you are, the opinions and views you hold of the world, and how the choices you have made have helped you survive and gotten you this far.


We provide warmth and a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings, no matter what they may be. We believe in the power of challenging conversations focused on positive change and are committed to offering support, empowerment, and compassion every step of the way.


The clinicians at Three Points Wellness are united in their person centered approach and utilize therapeutic interventions that draw from evidence based models including: CBT, ACT, DBT,
REBT, Positive Psychology, TF-CBT, EMDR, and IFS.


Groups | Workshops | Classes

Assisting the community of Lancaster in obtaining and maintaining mental wellness is the core of what drives us as a helpers.

Beginning winter of 2023, Three Points Wellness will offer opportunities to engage in holistic mental health experiences including: writing workshops, trainings, art events, and support, process, and empowerment groups. Three Points Wellness will strive to meet community needs and respond to our shared experiences.

Foggy Pier


Supervision | Consultation

Utilizing her Approved Clinical Supervisor training, Wendy Gaunt provides supervision to other dedicated, client and community focused counselors working to obtain licensure within the state of Pennsylvania.


You have taken a bold, brave step toward living your best life. The only way out is through!

We look forward to working with you.

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